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We provide food fresh daily in the Hawaiian Islands offering the best in Quality, Service, Safety, and Value.


Fresh Daily: For more than 20 years, Sushi Chef Foods has dominated its niche, mass producing high quality freshly prepared Sushi, Manapua, Bento and other Deli/Local Foods for Wholesale in Hawaii.  The whole sale food distributor serves retailers, institutional clients, caterers and individuals who have a need for quickly produced large variety of foods and platters for parties or events. Sushi Chef Foods is constantly developing new products for food service clientele seeking fast, healthy quality food solutions for on-the-go consumers.


Sushi Chef Foods is a wholesale food producer that has its products carried on airplanes, in super markets, fast food outlets, hotels, schools, hospitals and gas stations.

Retailers choose these products because they are rapidly created from the freshest ingredients at the most reasonable price.  Sushi Chef Foods offers promotional opportunities and discounts to savvy retailers.


Hotels, local caterers and party planners use Sushi Chef Foods as their secret weapon to provide instant quality foods for large gatherings. Hawaiian Island insiders have long known that Sushi Chef Foods provide an instant daily product that fulfills the needs of high end gatherings and can be used to supplement the daily fare of caterers, hotel food staff and party planners who need to fill out their menus.

One top Waikiki Hotel uses Sushi Chef Food's “panic button service” for same day delivery to solve logistical challenges if they get sudden increases in their dinner buffet orders. And one airline caterer has found that Sushi Chef Foods was their answer to meeting the needs of on-the-go travelers.

Institutional Customers

Sushi Chef Foods reputation for safe, high quality, mass produced food has become a standard for educational institutions seeking value and excellence in products served to students. Sushi Chef Foods is constantly innovating and creating new products for its loyal clients.  The fact that Sushi Chef Foods has USDA certified products provides an assurance that institutions are served with the best quality products available.


- Sushi Chef Foods announces its New Mini Salads launched in March with 6 new flavors - these new salads provide fast grab and go satisfaction for fast food shoppers. These cleverly packaged meals offer lunch time shoppers a healthy alternative for afternoon dining

- Sushi Chef Foods is now offering Italian pasta to its line of deli foods - The new pasta is part of Sushi Chef Foods strategy to broaden the range of food provided throughout the Island chain on a daily basis.

- New Spam Katsu has just joined the array of new products offered by Sushi Chef Foods - The new Asian delicacy adds one more new delectable choice in the large array of foods now offered by the two-decade old company.

- Sushi Chef Foods is offering a 10 percent off promotion for its new Longanisa Musubi for this month - to highlight this new product and hopefully boost sales. The highly sought after Longanisa Musubi is a recent addition to the broadening line of food products offered by mass food distributer Sushi Chef Foods.

- The new "Homestyle Maki" sushi made through our state of the art Shimazu maki machine - can produce more than 5,000 rolls (40,000
pieces) of Sushi in just 2 hours utilizing more than 2 tons of sushi rice.

- Sushi Chef Foods eliminates the threat of Food Born Illness from snack foods by replacing "outlaw" products - Only a USDA certified facility like Sushi Chef can legally wholesale snack food products with meat like Spam Musubi to ensure food safety for our community.


On going Promotions stimulate our sales and provide a win/win situation for our customers.  Call our Customer Service Tip line - to confirm your fax order. We will provide an accurate, on-time delivery.

Call now and Sushi Chef Foods will provide a 10 percent discount on all sushi party platter orders…Call 808 531-6671

Healthy Eating

Freshness & Safety at Sushi Chef means our products are made fresh daily using the best ingredients to attain maximum shelf life. We are dedicated to Food Safety with In-house lab testing and our USDA rating.

When it is your turn to feed the kids at sporting events—think Sushi Chef Foods.

Turn those quick snacks for young sportsman into healthy meals. For less than $2 per meal youngsters can have fresh, quality snacks that include favorites like: Spam or Chicken Musubi, Baked Hot Dog Manapua, or how about a California Sushi Hand Roll?  All of these are individually wrapped and chilled upon pick up.

Dedication To Our Community

Sushi Chef Foods routinely provides sushi platters and other foods to a range of community events ranging from the Honolulu Charity Walk to  Honolulu Marathon.  It is part of the mission of Sushi Chef Foods to make our community stronger by feeding those who provide leadership and help for those in need.

Hawaiian/Asian Foods Traditions

Where did "Loco Moco" come from? 

In the early 1940's in Hilo, Hawaii, the Lincoln Wreckers Bunch went to their favorite drive inn and asked the owner to make them a snack they could easily afford. 

At that time, rice was so inexpensive it became the first ingredient that they added to the bowl. After that the hardy crew needed something to line their stomachs to make easier for them to complete a hard days work. The chef decided that hamburger was the cheapest way to solve this problem so he added a hamburger patty. And then,  to keep cost low the chef placed a fried egg on the hamburger patty and topped it all off with local brown gravy - thus the "loco moco" was created for 15 cents, and the tradition lives on today.

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